What We Learned From Our Amazing 2017 Summer Interns!

SF Crew

We were fortunate to have an amazing set of interns this summer, who helped build new features and test new strategies, making a huge and lasting impact on LendUp. Our Interns worked on a wide variety of projects, from building a new data ingestion system, to creating innovative designs for marketing campaigns, to developing and launching new features for our products. Each of them helped us further our mission of helping anyone get on a path to better financial health.

We asked each of our interns what advice they’d give to next year’s class -- and it turned out to be sage advice we should all keep in mind throughout our careers. Check out what they had to say!

“Don't be shy or modest or scared. Know that you're qualified to do this and just go for it.”

“Meet as many people as you can, explore the city, and put in your best effort.”

“Some of the things I did this summer that I'm most proud of never fell in my job description. My advice is to get really creative with how you as an intern can find ways to add value, or in other words, help others and make their lives better or easier.”

“Absorb as much as you can and dive headfirst into a project.”

“Jump in and have fun! This place is absolutely outstanding and they want you to succeed and to add value. Don't be scared to ask for help when you need (especially at the beginning).”

“Develop a rough plan for your internship at the start to map out projects.”

“Don't just eat with the interns! People here are friendly and it's worth it to get out of your shell and meet as many people as possible.”

“Take advantage of all the opportunities that LendUp has to offer. Meet all the awesome [and] amazing people, learn a lot from your intern project, ask a lot of questions, and enjoy your internship and all the amazing events that LendUp holds.”

“I wish I had been more intentional about meeting more people in the office, especially getting to know folks from the Richmond, VA, office. I regret all those times when I'd eat lunch at my desk [while working]. I only discovered the library in [LendUp’s Quiet Room] too late to take advantage of it – I wish I'd known about it earlier!”

Lunch with Sasha

...And, while we are still missing the interns, it’s nice to know they miss us too!

“I'll miss the culture and that feeling of being united with my coworkers on a shared mission.”

“The culture here is great -- I'm going to miss the people.”

“Other companies are going to have a hard time matching LendUp's authentically purposeful personality and mission-driven culture. I won't miss paying rent, but I'll miss my roommates, and yes, even the commute on MUNI.”

“I loved this city and regardless of where I end up from a company/job-perspective, I know 100% that I will be returning to SF. The culture, the vibe, the people. I immediately felt at home in this city and I'll miss it terribly (until next summer). As for LendUp, the people are amazing. Everyone is so friendly, and I enjoyed having monthly talks and guest speakers. Not to mention, chicken tostadas. Lunch will never be the same. ;-( “

SF Outing

Big thanks again to Rachit, Ellie, Kevin, Eric, Axel, Porter, Russell, Sammy, Steve, and Marcus. We’re proud to call you LendUp alumni and hope you’ll be back next year… and someday, as full-time employees!

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