Customer Service: Where Would We Be Without You?

Here at LendUp, the employees who are on the front lines working with our customers comprise our Customer Insights team. They work closely with other groups in the organization, especially our Engineering Team, to make our product better and ensure we’re serving our borrowers the best we can. In honor of National Customer Service Week, we asked some of our leaders why Customer Service is so important to a company’s success -- and to ours! We wanted to be sure to share some of their responses.

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Justin Potter, Head of Executive Operations and Customer Insights: “Strong customer service can be a true differentiator. The customer service team is commonly the voice of the company and gives customers a look into the heart, the soul and the ethos of a company. As a result, by employing professional, compassionate and attentive team members that connect with customers, you give customers confidence in their own decision-making – as well as confidence in your product and service.”

Phillip Ambrose, Head of Fraud Strategy & Operations: “Customer Service is a critical part of LendUp's mission for one simple reason: our agents are the ones who touch our customers’ lives every day.

Some days those touches are small -- customers are doing well and our conversation with them may just be a passing moment in the day as we help with a question or request. Even in those small touches, it is nice to hear a kind, empathetic voice who is willing to help.

But on other days our customers really need us. They may be in a bind financially, feeling frustrated with a problem they can't solve, or just struggling to work through unexpected challenges in their lives. In these moments, great customer service means being there for them when they need it. And letting them know that there is someone who is willing to listen and genuinely wants to help. Those are the moments that people remember. And delivering for our customers in those moments is a very real part of bringing LendUp’s Mission to life.”

Eric Nelson, Customer Operations: “Working with people who know how to deliver a great customer experience was a huge part of why I joined LendUp. Fortunately for me and our LendUp customers, we have an amazing team.

LendUp’s business model is built on the premise of helping consumers whose needs aren’t met by the mainstream banks. And I have seen too many companies prey on the previous mistakes that some customers may have made, and use credit as a means to create more problems for them. So most of our customers still need an advocate as they build up and learn more about their credit. That is where our amazing Customer Insights team takes our company to another level. They work their magic by listening, knowing when to be an advocate for the customer, and ensuring that our products are explained thoroughly and with compassion.

I am so proud to have made the decision to join LendUp. Every day I get to experience the brilliance of our Customer Insights team, and I am confident that LendUp's success is possible due to their skill and passion.”

Brad Gibbons, Senior Operations Team Manager: “Customer service is like a life preserver you would find on most boats. To some, it can truly be a lifeline in a time of need. Others may never need it, but they probably like knowing it's there and won't step on board without it. To all, it simply needs to perform well when called upon, regardless of circumstance -- and I’m so proud that our CI team sets the new standard for customer happiness.”

Laurel Coster, Operations Manager: “In today's ever-changing and connected world, customers have a plethora of options. The Customer Service organization and how agents interact and handle themselves can be the determining factor of a company's success. Having a team here at LendUp that connects with the customer to understand their situation, help solve problems, and answer questions thoroughly is key to us building trust, garnering loyalty, and differentiating ourselves from other businesses. Often the only time a customer interacts with a company is through a Customer Service channel.

Effective Customer Service can also help to reduce overall friction areas, give customers a space to voice any issues, and provide a chance to quickly resolve concerns. And, in our case here at LendUp, the Customer Service organization also provides important insights that directly affect our product. Agents are the first to hear about pain points, bugs, and potential product improvements. They are experts in the products and services they represent, they understand how customers view the offerings, and they can be a vital resource for other teams within the company. Finally, while an agent is often the voice of the company to the consumer, our Customer Insights team is also the heart and soul of the company. Our agents understand the importance of taking care of customers, and they embody this mantra that others in the company follow.”

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