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The gap between paychecks can be significant, especially when you're facing an emergency situation. Many Americans lack a savings account, so running into the unexpected can be hard to deal with. Traditional loans through a bank take weeks for the application process, and you need results as soon as possible.

The payday-loan alternative offered by LendUp in Alabama helps you out of tough spots whether you live near Cumberland Plateau or the Monte Sano Mountains. You don't need good credit to apply, and the loan forms only take five minutes to fill out. Once you send in your information, you don't wait around for days or weeks for a decision. Unlike other payday loans around Huntsville, Alabama, you'll find out quickly if we've approved you for a LendUp Loan.

Applying for Huntsville payday loans with us

Need help with a tricky financial situation? LendUp offers you the option to get the money you need to stay on top of emergency situations. The loan process is straightforward, with requirements that allow many people to access funding who may not qualify for bank loans.

Requirements To Apply

  • You have to be 18 or older to apply for a LendUp Loan.

  • A qualifying source of recurring income, such as paychecks or government payments, allows you to prove that you can pay loans back.

  • You also need a checking account so that you can accept the LendUp loan. Check with your bank to confirm that they allow you to get electronic transfers.

  • You cannot be an active military member or the dependent of one.

  • Finally, LendUp needs your contact name, address, phone number and email to complete the application.

Why should I consider a Huntsville payday loans from LendUp?

You have many options when you look for a payday loan service, so it can be difficult to decide on a company. LendUp is an alternative to traditional payday loans in Huntsville, Alabama. We focus on improving the short and long-term financial outcomes for our customers. Here are a few ways we offer a quality lending experience:

Since the entire loan-application process takes place online, you can send your information through 24/7. If you're up at midnight and you run into a problem, you can find out your loan status 24/7.

LendUp is a licensed lender, so we operate under all rules and requirements set by Alabama. If you're a first-time borrower, you qualify for up to $250. This loan amount can go up over time as you build a relationship with LendUp.

You don't have to dig through multiple pages of legalese if you receive a loan. Instead, LendUp Loan contracts have clear language with the well-defined terms and conditions. We often work with people who are new to credit or inexperienced with payday-loan alternatives, so we make sure that everything is easy to understand. You don't run into hidden fees or other unexpected costs.

Another way we help you get access to loans is by not relying entirely on traditional credit checks. Your score doesn't always represent the full story of your credit worthiness, so we use several avenues to get a good perspective on your financial history.

You don't have a lot of time to work with in certain emergencies, so going to a lender's physical location could be impossible. The LendUp loan process never requires you to go somewhere in-person because it's all online.

During your search for an emergency loan, you may run into companies that put you on spam mailing lists or add you to telemarketing lists. You just wanted financial help, not endless solicitations. LendUp does not sell personal customer information, so you never need to worry about that problem with us. Your personal data remains safe and secure.

Free financial education for Alabama residents

We believe in helping our customers achieve their financial goals, which goes far beyond getting out of a tight situation. Free online financial education are offered at LendUp, which can teach you everything from the way institutions calculate credit scores to how to build and repair your credit. You don't get a comprehensive education on credit in high school and college, so you reach adulthood with many conflicting ideas on this topic.

You can make up for lost time by getting information from a trusted source, rather than putting it together from bits and pieces from your family or friends. LendUp wants to see you improve your knowledge, so we provide incentives tied to the LendUp Ladder. As you read through the lessons and complete quizzes, you may be able to unlock access to larger loan amounts over time.

No one knows when a disaster will strike, whether it's a massive hurricane or a last-minute bill. LendUp gives you an alternative to the standard payday loan in Huntsville Alabama that is clear, straightforward and does not require good credit.

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