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Many Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. Many have to be resourceful when an unexpected situation arises. That means borrowing from friends, selling household items and doing side work.

Increased access to credit could solve this pressing problem. However, the problem is that more than 50 percent of the country does not have a satisfactory credit score to extend credit, according to the Federal Reserve Board. Therefore, instead of going to the bank for a loan or credit line, folks go to payday lenders.

Luckily, getting a quick personal loan in Alabama can be possible. At LendUp, we serve all Alabama residents. Whether you live in Tuscaloosa or Dothan, we can offer you fast cash loans.

Before applying for an online loan in Alabama, take some time to learn about the requirements and purposes for such a loan. Also, read over how to find the right lender. Here's what you need to know:

Requirements for online loans in Alabama

You need to meet certain criteria and have your personal information on hand to apply for Alabama online loans. For a LendUp Loan, you need:

  • To be 18 years or older

  • To have a checking account able to receive electronic transfers

  • To show you have a consistent source of income with either a work pay stub, government check or some other proof

  • To provide your home address, email and phone number

Additionally, note that active military members or those who are dependents of active military members cannot get online loans in Alabama from LendUp.

For applications with LendUp, you'll probably need just five minutes to finish the process. We can make a decision on your loan immediately. Also, note that there is no credit threshold. Even if you have bad credit, we may still approve you for a LendUp loan.

Uses of online loans in Alabama

Think of this scenario: You're waiting on your paycheck in Birmingham, but your electricity bill is already past due. You don't know when your paycheck will get to you, and you're worried that the utilities company may turn your power off. Getting an online loan from an Alabama lender can help ease a minor crisis.

Just know this: Fast cash loans should not be common financial practice. They bridge gaps in cash flow and offer you a way to prevent missed payments, handle emergencies or avoid overdraft fees on your checking account. Short-term payday loans offer simple a solution to handle pressing issues, but should not be a regular part of your financial habits. But if you do need a fast, convenient online loan, we recommend you research and only consider safe, licensed lenders who value your security and financial health, companies like LendUp.

At LendUp, we offer quick, convenient online loans to approved applicants to help close that financial gap. However, we go even further. We offer free financial-education courses to encourage responsible behavior. You can also take part in the LendUp Ladder, which is a program that recognizes responsible borrowing actions. When you repay your loans on time, you'll earn points and climb our Ladder. As you earn more points, you could get access to larger loans amounts over time.

How to find the right lender for online loans in Alabama

When searching through the names of lenders of online loans in Alabama, here's what you need to look for:

  • Alabama direct lender: By going to a direct lender, you ensure that only those lending you money are handling your information. There is no third-party involved. LendUp is a direct lender in Alabama that will never sell your information to third-party marketing agencies. Proper licensing: Never get a loan from a company that is not operating in compliance with Alabama and federal laws. LendUp, for instance, complies with federal consumer protection and lending laws as well as all the laws of the state of Alabama. Certain lenders try to skirt Alabama and federal laws by placing their headquarters on tribal land or offshore.

  • A lender that rewards: The problem with many payday lenders is that they give borrowers the same offer time after time. Even if you successfully repay your loan several times, you'll still get the same rates and terms. At LendUp, we believe this system is broken. With the Ladder, you can get access to lower rates, larger loans and longer repayment periods after you've demonstrated consistently responsible borrowing behavior. For more details about the LendUp Ladder in Alabama visit

Questions you may have about online loans in Alabama

You may be worried about your credit score. Know that certain online-loan providers, like LendUp, do not have a minimum required credit score. Approval depends on many factors, and you won’t automatically be turned away for bad credit. However, like every responsible lender, we can't guarantee that everyone who applies will receive a loan from us.

Also, you may have concerns about how fast you can get the money. With LendUp, as long as you are approved for an online loan before 5:00 p.m. on a weekday, the money can be in your account as early as the next business day. See FAQ for more details.

You may feel anxious about relying too much on payday loans. With LendUp, you don't have to worry about falling into a vicious debt trap because we don't have rollovers. We succeed when you repay on time and develop better financial habits for the long term.

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