LendUp Volunteer Day

In the past year here at LendUp, we've been channeling our efforts to help communities across the nation access short term credit. We've expanded from our home state of California to Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Mississippi in the past few months, and just launched in state of Tennessee today! We're a team driven by the ability to help otherwise excluded communities achieve inclusion. That said, we didn't want to neglect the communities in our own backyard, so we chose to volunteer at the local YMCA in the Tenderloin this past week.

The Tenderloin is close the the mid-market area of San Francisco, which has received recent press for the emerging tech companies that move into the area and often neglect to engage with, or even acknowledge, the long-established community. As a new wave of tech enterprises enter San Francisco’s more modest neighborhoods, like the Tenderloin, we think it's important that no connections are missed between the community that works and the community that lives there.

As our company grows, we look forward to doing what we can to help our neighboring communities.

Feel free to email us at blog@lendup.com with any local recommendations for volunteer opportunities. We're here to help!

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