At Money2020 this year, LendUp co-founder and CEO Sasha Orloff gave a fireside chat with GV about designing products for the emerging middle class. And a slew of LendUppers made the rounds, attending sessions and meeting with partners and investors. If you missed the conference, or spent the week in bars or on the racetrack (we won’t tell) -- here are a few of our top takeaways.

“There was lots of buzz about ICOs. What I was told by an investor was that they didn’t think they would make a lot of money, but view blockchain and crypto as the next wave of innovation. The same way some lost money on Kosmo or Webvan or, there will be some winners and they want to be part of the next wave of innovation.”

“If the number of fraud booths is any indication (way more than ever before), it’s still top of mind and not slowing down.”

“672 people jam packed into a 600-person room for our session on Sunday. We are viewed as a category creator and leader, and we’re proud to have been on the stage with GV.”

“This year startups were greatly overwhelmed by banks. And banks are finally, FINALLY starting to just sort of, barely, kind of pay attention. Chase launched Finn, Goldman acquired Gensysis, Navient bought Earnest, and there are lots of other partnerships.”

“Collective interest in online lending continues along with belief that we are still in the early stages of our maturation.”

“Banks continue to take the acquisition route when it comes to technology.”

“Prescreen/soft-pull technology to give borrowers certainty about credit options and pricing will continue to grow in popularity.”

“The number of companies trying to re-imagine the traditional checking account is fascinating and likely to produce some big winners.”

As far as our biggest inspiration at the conference…

“Credit Karma’s Ken Lin’s perspective on the future of lending and how to drive acquisition efficiency with technology was incredibly powerful, and as one of our partners, the talk was very inspirational.”

“Ken Lin! He had a really interesting presentation about how a great user experience leads to better financial gains for companies. I look forward to seeing the video when it is posted.”

“At the discussion about whether or not AI will help with credit underwriting, something like 90% of the audience (a few hundred people at least) said 'no' -- which means we just have a long, long way to go in the banking world…”

“Dan Schulman’s talk exhorting the industry to focus on the underserved customer was inspiring. It resonated a lot and is also very aligned with LendUp’s mission of providing anyone with a path to better Financial Health.”

And we’ll use these takeaways to improve what we’re doing here at LendUp…

“It is good to see that there are other innovative companies getting funded, growing, and still hungry. We still have so much more room to build and innovate as an industry.”

“We learned a great deal about what the most strategic/cost effective distribution options are for our products. And you can't beat meeting face to face with existing and potential partners.”