Did you know that local cost savings could be right in your community?

Through LendUp’s partnership with SpringFour, you could save money on things like groceries, utilities, and even prescriptions. In fact, these are just a few of 26 different categories of local resources! SpringFour could even connect you to a local credit counselor if you’re looking for financial advice. SpringFour is a company that links consumers to local nonprofit resources that could help them live a better financial life.

Why use SpringFour? According to SpringFour, typical consumers can reduce their costs by $250 a month! This could mean more money in your pocket for the things you want or need, or the bills you need to pay. Check out the top referral categories that LendUp customers are showing interest in:

  • Food costs: 19%
  • Heating / utility costs: 17%
  • Prescription costs: 15%
  • Childcare costs: 15%

How can I start saving money with SpringFour? It’s easy! You just need to enter in your zip code, select the categories where you’d like to save money, and boom! You’ll be given a list of money saving resources in your community.

Go to our resources page to try it out!

Disclaimer: LendUp is not providing financial, legal or tax advice. If you need or want such advice, please consult a qualified advisor.