Building a trustworthy company that offers a valuable product is not an easy task, especially in an industry that is often portrayed as anything but trustworthy. The market for short-term credit is evolving, and it's more critical than ever to bring to life a transparent product that serves customers and their financial needs.

LendUp, at its core, is all about its customers, their immediate financial needs, and their financial future.

Focus on the customer first

LendUp has been working relentlessly over the last few years to create a product that focuses on the customer. To achieve that, it wasn’t enough to focus only on the product itself; we also meed to focus on the customer and the industry as a whole. This permitted us to understand how the existing industry players and products are failing consumers. Everything started with our founders' vision of how LendUp could fill that gap and grew by building a team that shared the same core values.

A commitment to quality

A company and its products are only as good as the people who create them. A consistent vision and attitude must transcend individuals in the company. The engineering team, design team, growth team, data analysts, compliance and finance teams, and customer insights team - all of them are giving 110% of their effort to create an amazing product for our customers without sacrificing the customer’s needs for the company's short-term financial goals.

On being mission-driven

Our mission is to solve one big problem: offering a transparent and trustworthy small-dollar credit product to our customers. Beyond offering a safe alternative to traditional payday loans, LendUp offers consumers a chance to earn access to better products over time and even build their credit history through the LendUp Ladder. This is only the beginning of our company’s lifecycle - as LendUp’s customers grow and move up the Ladder, we’ll grow with them.

Putting the customer first

What does it mean for LendUp to have a customer-centric approach in an industry where customers are so frequently misled?

  1. Be committed to our customers’ financial success
  2. Consistently engage with our customers
  3. Create a customer-centric culture throughout our organization
  4. Design products based on our customers' wants and needs
  5. Design processes and policies from the customer’s point of view
  6. Encourage innovation to better the lives of our customers

The only way to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the industry is to start with our customer and not the product.


That is one of the reasons that LendUp decided to spend even more time listening to our customers. The commitment to listening to our customers goes beyond the customer insights team to the entire organization. The experience we’ve had listening to customer calls has helped us to better understand customer needs and adapt our products and user experience to meet those needs.

Capitalize on Results

The results are not limited to our customers but are propagated throughout the entire organization. Our team is more empowered and determined to make our customers' experience - from the first loan to the top of the LendUp Ladder - an excellent one. By aligning business goals with customer success, we create a virtuous cycle where both LendUp and our customers benefit.