Payday Lenders Compared - California

California Payday Lenders Compared

Comparison shopping for a payday lender is hard. Chances are, you're in a rush - you need your money now. It doesn't help that payday lender don't exactly make it easy to compare their products, costs, and benefits to other lenders.

To help make comparing payday lenders easier, LendUp has done the heavy lifting for you.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a payday lender.

Cost (or APR) The APR, or annual percentage rate, is a standardized expression of the cost to borrow money for one year. APR allows you to compare the cost to borrow between different lenders. Funding speed When it comes to payday loans, speed is of the essence. Different lenders work with different payment networks and money transmitters to deposit your loan proceeds into your account. If your LendUp loan is submitted before 5 p.m. PT on a weekday, we'll electronically transfer the funds to your bank account within one business day. See for more details. Access to more money over time Are you looking for a one off loan for an emergency, or are you looking for a partner to help you build your financial future? Some lenders recognize your hard work and reward you with the option to borrow larger amounts over time. Lower APR over time If you do choose to borrow from the same lender multiple times, do they recognize your repayment history and reward your good behavior by charging you less? Credit education Is your lender looking out for you, or just themself? Some lenders choose to offer free credit education courses, which help you better plan for the future. If this is important to you, look for a lender that offers free credit education.

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