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“We’re building the future of dignified financial products that we all deserve…”

Millions of people don’t have access to credit. Their options for getting money are limited and unfair, and it’s easy to become trapped in debt. This is the first problem LendUp set out to solve, by applying our combined expertise in software, data science, credit, and education to our shared passion for justice.

Our first product, an alternative to payday loans, transforms a trap into an opportunity to borrow at lower rates and build credit. And every day, we see our customers succeed. Next, we’re building the future of dignified financial products that we all deserve, giving us back our time, money, and control of our financial lives.

We are just getting started.

Life at LendUp

The Day to Day

Our days are spent working hard to deliver on our promise to our customers. We learn fast. We refuse to live with broken. We will present you with new opportunities based on merit, not politics. We are all owners of LendUp, and we act accordingly.

Recognizing and celebrating our successes, big and small, is part of what keeps us going each day. You can find us eating lunch together alongside guests from Silicon Valley’s best companies or starting off the weekend with a smile at our themed Friday Happy Hours. As a LendUp employee, you’ll enjoy unlimited vacation, full medical, dental and vision, commuter benefits, and early-stage equity.

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Ladders, not chutes

Build only products that elevate people on the landscape of financial health.



Reward exceptionalism wherever it is found.


No bozos, no assholes

Hiring shapes the future of the company; take it seriously and don’t be a jerk!


Don’t live with broken

Speak up If it doesn’t work for you, the law, or the customer. We value quality and doing things right.


Learn Fast

Try many things quickly rather than building something that might not work. We value curiosity.


Act like an owner

Focus on results and don’t be distracted by politics; you share in a company with big goals with big impact.

LendUp Values
  • 1Ladders, not chutes
  • 2Meritocracy
  • 3No bozos, no assholes
  • 4Don’t live with broken
  • 5Learn fast
  • 6Act like an owner

The Perks

  • Competitive salary
  • Early-stage equity
  • 100% medical, dental, vision
  • Catered team lunches
  • Quarterly team-building events
  • Paid volunteer days
  • Downtown SF office
  • Commuter benefits
  • Friday happy hours
  • Incentives for skill-building

The Backers

Our esteemed investors include, but are not limited to:

Garry Tan

Cofounder, Posterous

Harj Taggar

Cofounder, Auctomatic

Alexis Ohanian

Founder, Reddit

Paul Buchheit

Creator, Gmail

Sam Altman

Founder, Loopt

Troy Carter

Founder, Atom Factory

And many more...

Join the team that’s changing an industry

LendUp is based in San Francisco at the center of innovation. Want to join us in changing an industry? See all open positions.

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