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Obtaining a loan usually involves a credit check. An unsecured loan, or opening a revolving credit account, often requires a higher credit score than any other type of financing. Mortgages, on the other hand, are sometimes available with a lower credit score than most credit cards because the property acts as collateral for the loan. In fact, some lenders will authorize a mortgage with a credit score as low as 550, although they will also usually charge a much higher interest rate to compensate for the low score.

LendUp doesn't use a traditional hard credit check with one of the big three national consumer reporting agencies in connection with short-term, single payment loans, but a lot of the same information found on one goes into our lending decision. For example, we might use information about payment history and defaulted loans to decide creditworthiness, but we won't do a hard inquiry that could lower your traditional credit score.

How can I find an online cash advance that doesn't use a hard credit inquiry?

At LendUp, we look at your overall financial information and perform a soft credit check which does not negatively impact your credit score.

For example, we may look at your:

  • Average income
  • Payment history
  • Defaulted/closed accounts

Perfect credit is not a requirement for a LendUp Loan. Making an instant loan decision doesn't have to come down to your credit score, but your financial history does play a role in any responsible lending decision.

What is the difference between a hard and a soft credit pull?

A hard credit check is what most lenders do before approving a loan. Hard credit checks tell the credit bureaus that you are seeking credit. Opening new credit accounts can change your credit to debt ratio, impacting your total score. When you have a hard pull, credit bureaus may respond by automatically lowering your credit score by a couple of points. According to Credit Karma, several hard pulls in a row can add up quickly and can negatively impact your credit score.

A soft credit pull has no effect on your credit score with the big three consumer reporting agencies. You can pull your own report as many times as you like with no ill effects. The same is usually true for an employer running a background check or a credit card company offering a pre-approval notice. All of these inquiries can pull the same information as a hard credit check, but there is no change to your score. One of the many reasons for the lack of fluctuation is that a third party can run a soft check without your direct permission. Any business that wants to send you a credit offer has probably already performed a soft credit check.

Does bad credit mean no online cash advances?

At LendUp, we offer an alternative path to a cash advance. As you pay them off, you could earn points to climb the LendUp Ladder in eligible states and eventually apply for larger loans at lower rates — and in some states, we offer installment loans and report payments to the three major credit bureaus, which could increase your credit score over time.

With our loan application a poor credit score doesn't automatically exclude you from the potential lending pool at LendUp. We try to make alternative credit available to those with limited access to traditional sources, including those with credit mistakes.

Why should I choose LendUp for a cash advance?

If you're looking for a cash advance with no hard credit check, LendUp offers a variety of products that might help. By avoiding a standard hard credit check, you may be able to get a loan that won't negatively affect your credit. Over time, you can build a good relationship with LendUp and possibly earn the opportunity to apply for larger loans with more generous repayment options in eligible states.

LendUp is a safe alternative to companies advertising instant loans with no credit check. Unlike some payday lenders and brokers with offshore territories, LendUp is a licensed lender that follows all state and federal regulations surrounding loans. In addition, you can submit your personal information with confidence. LendUp never sells customer information.

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