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When you need cash right now to make your rent, get your car back on the road, or cover other expenses, you may be tempted to take the first loan you can get.

However, taking the small extra step of making sure you're working with a direct lender could save you money and protect your privacy.

Payday Loans From a Direct Payday Lender Without Any Third Party

When you need a payday loan, there are two places you can get it. Direct lenders give you everything you need in one place, while third-party lenders add in a middleman you may not need.

Direct Payday Lenders vs. Third Party Lenders

A direct payday lender handles every aspect of your loan. They take your application, send you the funds if you're approved, and collect your payment. You know exactly how to pay and where to get customer service if you have any problems.

A third party lender adds in a middleman. You might see an advertisement for a payday loan on a financial website or blog, or you might find a website that looks like a payday lender.

You might apply thinking you're applying for one loan, but what really happens is the middleman takes your information and sends it to several different lenders to see if they'll approve you.

Why Get a Payday Loan From a Direct Lender

There are likely several advantages in working with a direct lender.

  • Lower costs. When a middleman helps a lender find a customer (you), the middleman usually gets paid. This could come as a separate broker's fee, but more often it might be a charge that you pay via a higher interest rate or loan fee. Direct lenders don't have this extra expense to pass on to you.
  • Protect your privacy. You may not know who a third party lender will send your information to. Even if they say they'll only use your information for a loan, you can't research their lenders to find out if they're good at protecting your privacy. When you deal with a direct lender, you know exactly where your information is going.
  • Straightforward customer service. With a direct lender, you can go to the same place for help whether that's for questions before you apply or help making your payment. You don't need to figure out which third party is handling each part of the loan process.

Getting a Payday Loan From LendUp

LendUp is a direct payday lender with no third parties involved (except in Texas and Ohio where we are a Credit Access Business, as required by law). You can apply, receive funds, make payments, and get help right here on our website.

No Hard Credit Check and All Credit Histories Considered (even Bad Credit)

LendUp understands that when you're having a financial emergency, your credit score might not be perfect. We do not run a hard credit check, and you can apply even if you have bad credit.

Transparent Terms

When you take out a loan from LendUp, there are no hidden fees. You can pick your loan amount, repayment date, and see all of the charges before you even enter your personal information.

If you successfully repay your loan, you may qualify to receive LendUp ladder benefits to help you get better terms on future loans as you work to improve your finances.

To find out the terms of your direct no third party payday loan, enter your desired loan amount and repayment date now.

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