How to Get Financial Help When You Deal With a Dental Emergency

One of the more painful situations in life is having a dental emergency and not having the money you need to have a dentist fix the problem. The pain from a broken tooth, a tooth abscess, or other dental issues can quickly make life agonizing.

If you find yourself in a situation where you help paying for a root canal, tooth extraction, or other dental work to relieve your pain but have no dental insurance, what should you do?

Many people cannot afford emergency dental services due to low income or lack of savings, so it is good to know what options are available for those who need financial assistance with dental costs.

Below is a list of 7 ways to get help with dental costs if you are having a dental emergency but have no dental insurance.

7 Ways to Get Help with Dental Costs If You Have a Dental Emergency

Community Dental Clinics

Many states offer low-cost/no-cost dental clinics. You can use online resources to identify the one closest to you. Note that if you live in a rural region, you might have to travel some distance to access a low-cost/no-cost community dental clinic because these community clinics are often located in cities that have dental schools.

In addition to low-cost/no-cost community dental clinics, there are some dentists who provide treatment for patients and use sliding scale pricing. You can contact your local hospital or larger hospitals in your area for information about community dental clinics or ask if they can refer you to one.

Dental Schools

Dental schools will usually have dental clinics as part of their facility. These clinics are often designed to offer dental services to patients who have no insurance. The dental students attending such institutions often must receive direct dental training and gain clinical experience before they are eligible for a license to practice.

The clinics that provide this training to students often provide the student services at a significantly lower cost. Even if the dental care offered at dental school clinics is not free, it is usually more affordable than getting services from a licensed dentist.

The downside of dental school clinics is that the quality of dental care can be lower because the students might not be as experienced and trained as a licensed dentist. This is something to consider before deciding whether to get dental work done at a university clinic.

Dentists for Uninsured Patients

There are also private dentists who will provide low-cost services for uninsured patients. Some of these dentists will even sometimes handle a few dental cases every year free of charge. Such dentists also sometimes accept referrals from other certified dentists or different referral sources that are in the business of helping patients who need dental care but can’t afford it.

If you have been visiting a dentist for an extended time but now you can’t afford to pay that dentist, you should upfront regarding your financial circumstances because the dentist may be able to refer you to dentists who can provide you services at a lower cost or for free.

Free Public or Government Dental Clinics

Free public or government dental clinics are an excellent choice for people who have to deal with a dental emergency. Just like the community dental clinics described, these public or government dental clinics often offer free or low-cost dental care. The goal of these clinics is to offer dental treatment to people who can't afford it or who don't have dental insurance.

Even if the patients are charged at these clinics, the fee is usually low and affordable. One of the potential downsides to using these clinics is that you might have to visit the facility numerous times before your treatment can be completed.

Payment Plans

Many dentists offer payment plans to patients in financial need. Generally, these dental care plans have favorable terms and sometimes come with low or no interest. Ask your dentist if they offer such an arrangement, but be sure you fully understand the payment terms of any plan.

Charity Events

Many cities hold multiple healthcare events throughout the year that offer affordable dental care. If you have no dental insurance, you need to look out for any community or charity event that offers dental care to uninsured patients.

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