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A cash advance, which is also sometimes known as a payday advance, is a way of borrowing money on a short-term basis. While cash advances can be convenient, they often carry large fees and can have high rates of interest. If you are an Illinois resident considering a cash advance, you may want to consider LendUp’s cash advance alternative.

Finding A Licensed Illinois Lender

When they are looking for a cash advance, Illinois residents don't always know where to turn. If you are in this position, here is some advice that might help. First, it's important to find a safe lender that follows all Illinois state and federal regulations, so you can be sure your rights as a consumer will be protected. Second, you also need to consider the affordability and convenience of the various credit providers that operate in the state. To help you make your choice, you can try seeking out lender reviews from sites such as Trustpilot, which will let you know about other borrowers' experience with each lender. In general, the best and safest option is to choose a direct lender that is licensed in the state of Illinois, such as LendUp.

When applying for an online cash advance in Illinois, it's very important to use a licensed, direct lender. Licensed lenders, such as LendUp, comply with all federal and Illinois state laws. On the other hand, lenders that operate off-shore often aren't licensed and may not follow consumer protection regulations that are designed to ensure you are protected and treated fairly. At LendUp, we take consumer protection very seriously. We have no hidden fees and we try to make our terms and conditions as clear as possible. You can also rest assured that we won't sell any of your information to third parties, so you don't have to worry about receiving spam as a result of your LendUp loan application.

How fast Illinois is the Cash Advance Alternative

Choosing a direct online lender means you can access credit quickly. For example, LendUp allows Illinois borrowers to apply for credit in as little as five minutes. You can apply anywhere, from your smartphone or computer at any time of the day or night through our website 24/7. You'll get a decision quickly and, if you are approved for 5pm PT , you could receive your funds in your bank account as early as the next business day. Although your bank ultimately determins when they post the transaction and make it available to you. When you're short on time and struggling to come up with money for gas, that sure beats battling the traffic on I-294 to wait in a line at a Chicago payday loan store to apply

How we’re different from Illinois cash advance lenders

Whether you borrow from LendUp or another Illinois cash advance provider, it's always a good idea to repay the loan on time if you can. LendUp encourages safe borrowing habits by not offering rollovers like some lenders do. We want you to achieve your short-term financial goals and move on, not stay trapped in a debt cycle with high rollover fees. Instead of offering rollovers, we provide free credit education resources, so you can learn about credit and empower yourself to make better financial decisions.

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