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Getting a Payday Loan in Illinois

If you have to apply for a payday advance loan in Illinois, know you are not alone. In fact, based on research from the Federal Reserve Board, more than half the country has credit scores under 680. Most traditional banks don't lend to borrowers with scores below that threshold.

Additionally, an alarming 47 percent of Americans aren't adequately prepared to deal with a $400 unexpected expense. They would have to resort to other measures, like asking a friend for money or selling an important belonging.

This is why many Illinois residents turn to payday loans to get access to cash quickly. At LendUp, we are committed to offering safe and convenient payday loan options to residents in Illinois. We distinguish ourselves from the traditional payday lender by offering financial products that are designed to encourage responsible borrowing. Plus, we don’t have rollover fees, ever. So you don’t get trapped in a cycle of debt.

Before applying for cash advances in Illinois, learn more about how our online loans can offer a better alternative to traditional payday loan stores. Here are the main things you need to know.

Why Are Illinois Payday Loans Useful?

Think of this scenario: It's winter, and it's cold. Your paycheck is late. The electricity bill is past due. You certainly don't want to freeze. A payday loan in Illinois is a viable solution in this case. In this case, with a payday loan, you can avoid late charges and reconnection fees.

Before you borrow, just be sure you can pay it back on time. Also, understand that this shouldn't turn into a long-term practice. Rather, payday loans should serve as a temporary solution.

At LendUp, we want to get you on the path to better financial standing. It's actually our goal that you be in a better financial situation than before you used LendUp. We want you to feel more financially empowered. That’s why we offer free financial education to empower our customers to take control of their financial health.

What Requirements Are There for Illinois Payday Loans?

Every Illinois payday loan provider differs. But you will need to be at least 18 and be able to provide some proof you can repay the loan.

At LendUp, we have established requirements. You must be 18, be a resident in Illinois and have a checking account (which can accept electronic transfers). You must also have some sort of recurring income, such as a job or government payments (proof must be provided).

If you are worried about your credit score, know LendUp doesn't have any established requirement. We do run a soft inquiry of your credit, rather than a traditional hard pull. So even if you have bad credit, you won’t be automatically turned away. Plus, soft credit inquiries won’t make your credit score dip like a hard credit check will.

At LendUp, we have approved those with poor credit for Illinois payday loans. It's our mission to work with those who have poor credit in Illinois. So, even if you feel your score is very low, apply. You may be approved.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved for Illinois Payday Loans?

The process is quite fast no matter where you go for the loan in Illinois. If you need money right away, though, you may want to look only at lenders who can get you the money by the time that you need it.

LendUp is one of those lenders. Our application for Illinois payday loans can take as few as five minutes. You may be able to get approved basically instantly, and we may be able to deposit the cash into your bank account the next business day (if you apply on a weekday by 5 p.m. PT).

Illinois applicants may be approved for up to $500. As you pay back your loans on time, this amount may increase over time, pending state restrictions.

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Illinois Payday Loan Lender?

There are numerous things to consider when choosing providers for payday loans in Illinois. Listed here are the most important.


Some lenders in Illinois operate offshore or on tribal land. This enables them to skirt federal and state law. Avoid these lenders, because you aren't protected by lending regulations. LendUp is a fully licensed, and direct lender in Illinois and is fully compliant with state and federal regulations. From your first application through, you’ll be dealing directly with us and no middle men.

Rates and Terms

Before you take out a payday loan in Illinois, absolutely be certain of the loan length, interest rate, fees and other conditions. Ideally, the company should also list the total cost of the loan (this could be in the form of a repayment amount). Be wary of companies that have hidden fees. Only borrow from transparent lenders.

At LendUp, we are always clear on the rates, terms and conditions of our Illinois payday loan products. If you have any concerns, we are ready to help by phone or by email. We believe you deserve transparency and customer service that treats you with respect.


Typical lenders don't have programs in place to reward you for being a good customer. If you pay back your loan on time, we may be able to provide access to larger loan amounts over time, pending state restrictions. We also offer payment plans at no extra cost, within our guidelines. As mentioned, we don’t do rollovers, so you won’t be paying back interest on the same loan repeatedly.

We also offer free online financial education to anyone, so you can get on a better path to financial health. For more information on LendUp Loans in Illinois, see our FAQ.

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