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It never fails. Just when you think you are doing okay financially, you might suddenly need extra cash for an unexpected car repair, a medical bill or some other expense that you just don't have the cash on hand for. You don’t want the overdraft fees to hit your bank this close to your rent or mortgage payment. In cases like these, many Kansas residents may consider a cash advance.

Thousands of Kansas residents and those in surrounding areas face situations such as this every day, and a cash advance, also referred to as a payday loan, is quite often a preferred solution. The online application can take as little as 5 minutes and you get an instant loan decision. LendUp offers Kansas residents a better alternative to payday loans. For Kansas customers who are able to build a positive repayment history with us, LendUp offers the chance to use your positive repayment history to eventually unlock access to higher loan amounts at lower rates, over time applying for credit -reporting loans at our highest levels.

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While the application and approval process is fairly quick for a cash advance in Kansas, LendUp takes pride in offering its customers much more--at LendUp, we are proud to offer free online financial education, helping you to get on a path to better financial health. We consider our customers to be more than just a name on an application. Through our LendUp Ladder (available in Kansas) which can reward positive repayments, and our free online financial education courses, we hope we can help you between paychecks in the short term, and get you on a path to better financial health in the long term.

Another benefit of applying for a cash advance in Kansas with LendUp is that we offer a very quick application process online--you can apply from anywhere ( as long as you have internet connection), in as little as five minutes using your computer or a mobile device. Save that drive down I-70, and skip the lines at the payday loan store. Applying online is convenient, safe, and quick. Get an instant decision with us.

As a direct lender in Kansas, you also don't have to worry about any middleman when it comes to repayment. From the moment you land on our page to apply, to your final repayment, you will be dealing with us directly. Cutting out a middleman also helps us keep our fees lower and our quality of service higher. Typical cash advance loan amounts range from $100 to $250, with repayment terms available anywhere from 7-30 days after receiving the loan if approved.

And if you are worried about the safety of your information, you can rest assured that LendUp is a fully licensed lender in the State of Kansas, using bank-level security so that none of your information leaves our site.

Kansas Payday Advance Loans - What to Know Before You Apply

If you've researched any other Kansas payday advance loans lenders, then you might have seen that some of them offer what is referred to as a rollover, which lets you extend the repayment of your loan. While this may sound like a convenient feature at first, it is actually a pretty easy way for you to fall into a debt trap.

LendUp does not offer rollovers because we do not want our customers to get caught up in a debt cycle that they cannot easily get out of. We want you to be in a better place financially than before you found us.

Lastly, before applying for a cash advance in Kansas, you should know that each state has their own rules and regulations regarding these types of loans and their associated fees. LendUp has no hidden fees, and is licensed to operate in the state of Kansas.

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