Kansas Payday Loan Alternative

Many Americans currently live paycheck to paycheck, and if a situation arises that requires cash while in between paychecks, it's often difficult to find the funds needed. That's why many lenders provide payday loans, which are essentially small loans that give you the cash you need until your next paycheck arrives.

In Kansas, payday loans are used to help those who suddenly find themselves in need of cash for a home or auto repair, medical bill, or other financial need. Luckily, LendUp serves all residents of the Sunflower State.

Kansas Payday Loan Alternative

Providing payday loan alternatives from Atchison to Dodge City and beyond, LendUp can get you the money you need fast, if you are approved. To help ensure you get the financial assistance you need as quickly as possible, we have also made our application process very quick and very simple -- it can be filled out in as little as five minutes, on your mobile device or computer.

You will receive our decision almost instantly, and if you are worried about poor credit being a problem, don't: We understand that poor credit happens for many reasons, and our goal is to not only help you get the financial assistance you need in tough situations, but also provide free online financial education courses so that you can improve your financial health in the present and future.

How Do We Compare to Kansas Payday Lenders?

There are many features that LendUp offers that makes us stand out from other lenders. One simple one is that we do not offer rollovers on loans. A Kansas payday loan company that offers rollovers may seem like a convenient option at first, because it means you can extend your repayment period. But in actuality, this could lead to a debt trap. We want to help you improve your financial future, not make it worse.

In addition to our quick and easy application process, we also use bank-level security to ensure that all your data is kept safe. We will never sell or give any of your information to other parties, and we are the only ones who will ever be handling all the details of your loan. Other lenders may sell your information to other lenders and spammers, flooding your email and voicemail inbox with a number of unsolicited offers. You won’t experience this at LendUp.

Just as important, we are a licensed, direct lender in the state of Kansas. That means you deal only with our Kansas payday loan company, and no middleman, which also helps us to keep our fees and interest rates lower. LendUp is licensed in Kansas by the Office of the State Bank Commission. Dealing with a licensed lender means you are protected by state and federal laws. For more information about OSBC, see http://www.osbckansas.org/.

Lastly, we offer Kansas residents the LendUp Ladder, which may give you the opportunity to rebuild your credit over time for building a positive financial behaviors, such as repaying loans on time and taking our free online financial education courses. At LendUp, we’ve made it our mission to improve your financial health, and we want to ensure that you receive all the points you can for good financial action. As you reach the top tiers of the LendUp ladder, we can even report your on-time payments to the major credit bureaus, which may serve to improve your credit score over time.

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