Minnesota Payday Loan Alternative

Do you have emergency expenses and need to get a online payday advance in Minnesota quickly? You should consider a Minnesota payday loan alternative offered by LendUp! We service borrowers from Kittson County to Fillmore County. Our goal is to provide customers with superior short term credit solutions. LendUp is a licensed direct lender in Minnesota that you can trust.

If you are approved for a loan, we will fill your temporary need without rollovers. This will help you from falling into the short-term loan repayment cycle that gives payday loans their bad reputation. Plus, in Minnesota we offer affordable rates and give Minnesota customers access to the LendUp Ladder.

Minnesota payday loan alternative

We are not like traditional payday loan lenders. We offer unique products that reward good borrowing behavior like making payments on time. In fact with the LendUp Ladder, available in MN, borrowers can gain access to better terms and higher loan amounts over time. When borrowers reach the highest levels of the Ladder then can get access to credit reporting loans.

Getting a payday loan alternative in Minnesota

You can get through the application in as little as five minutes. You will receive an instant decision on whether you qualify once you submit your loan application. If you get approved, you will be able to borrow between $100 and $250 on your first loan for up to 30 days.

Why choose our Minnesota payday loan alternative?

You are not simply getting a standard payday loan with us. We aim to provide the fairest and most helpful financial assistance possible. To do this, we avoid allowing debt rollovers, as this is a major reason for why borrowers get stuck in the payday loan repayment trap. We break the cycle by not letting it happen in the first place.

We have no hidden fees. In fact, once you customize the loan amount and duration that you want you can see the total APR and repayment amount before you have to submit any personal information. This allows you to know exactly what a loan will cost depending on how much you need to borrow and how fast you have to pay it back.

Further, you can rest assured knowing your information is safe and secure. As a licensed Minnesota State lender we are regulated by the state and federal laws.

Are you eligible to apply for our Minnesota payday loan alternative?

The requirements to apply for a payday loan through LendUp will depend on where you live. Minnesota-based applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older *Have some form of recurring income (assistance accepted) *Have a checking account that accepts electronic transfers (so you can receive the funds from us if you are approved) *Supply contact information including your phone number and email *Verify personal information including your address and Social Security Number *Not be an active military member or a dependent of one

Beyond that, we do not have strict requirements you must meet. Get started today!

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LendUp is a socially responsible direct lender dedicated to helping our customers meet their short term needs.

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