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Loans can do a lot to help you in life. They help you buy cars and houses, but they can also do something else—provide you with money when you need it most.

Loans can be a lifeline when you need quick cash to cover an unexpected expense. They can serve as a bridge to cover your rent if you get hit with a surprise bill that empties your savings, or they can help you pay your bills while you wait for the first paycheck from a new job.

Also called cash loans or money loans, these loans can make a real difference when you need them.

Types of money loans

There are few different types of money loans. The terms can be very different, but each one has the potential to work for you. It just depends on your situation.

Cash advances

One option is to get a cash advance from your credit card. Basically, you would use your credit card to give yourself a cash loan. The process is easy and immediate, but the costs can be really high. There’s usually an origination fee as well as an interest rate that’s often much higher than you pay for purchases. Plus, if you already have a balance on your credit card, the money you advance to yourself is going to keep accruing interest at that higher rate until you pay off the card.

Payday loans

Payday loans are another option. For this type of loan, you take a copy of your pay stub to a payday lender, and they’ll lend you an amount of money based on the amount of your paycheck. Generally, you’ll have less than a couple of weeks to repay the money. The interest is very high, but you only pay it once. You don’t have to have the available credit like you do with a cash advance, and it doesn’t matter if you have bad credit.

Secured loans

If you don’t have the available credit but you have good credit and collateral, you may qualify for a secured loan. With this type of loan, you would use your home, car, or another asset to guarantee your loan and earn a lower interest rate as a result.

Unsecured loans

There are two types of unsecured loans.

The first is a personal loan that comes from a bank. It’s based on your credit score and your history with the lender. The interest rate is usually higher than with a secured loan but lower than a cash advance or payday loan.

The second is an unsecured loan that’s based on your signature and does not require collateral. The amounts are smaller, but you don’t need to have good credit in order to apply for many of them and the process can be fast.

How to apply for a money loan

The time and effort required to get a money loan will depend on the lender and the type of a loan you apply for. Cash advances and payday loans are typically unsecured loans designed to fill a short-term financial need. Money lenders who issue these types of fast loans often have a streamlined application process. If the lender offers online loan applications, your application and approval process could be quick and easy.

How to get a money loan with LendUp

LendUp offers unsecured money loans in CA, LA, MO, MS, TN, TX, and WI. If you need a loan and you need it fast, we may be able to help. You don’t need to put up collateral to apply, we just need some basic information and your signature. Plus, in eligible states and over time, you can use the LendUp Ladder to borrow more for less.

Get a money loan with LendUp, even with bad credit

If you need a quick loan and want to borrow money fast, LendUp can help, even if you have bad credit. While we can’t guarantee you’ll be approved for a loan, your chances of getting approved by LendUp are much greater compared to traditional money lenders because we look at many factors beyond the credit score when making an approval decision.

Plus, no hard credit check with the three main credit reporting agencies is required when applying for an initial loan from Lendup, so your FICO credit score will not be affected during the application process. And, if you repay your loans on time, you may be eligible for perks such as higher loan amounts and lower interest rates as you begin to climb the LendUp ladder.

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