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Just because you have a low credit score doesn't mean that you can't get access to the money you need. LendUp offers Mississippi online loans that can make it easy for you to get through difficult financial periods without getting stuck in a cycle of debt.

Our Mississippi online loan amounts

In Mississippi, LendUp offers first-time borrowers $100 to $300 for between 14 to 30 days. Although it important to remember there are some specific requirements in Mississippi based on the loan amount you choose.

For example, loans with total repayment amount greater than $250 have a minimum duration of 28 days. Loans with total repayment amount less than $250 have a minimum duration of 7 days.

Cost of our Mississippi online loans

The specific cost of your online loan will depend on how much you want to borrow and how long you want to take to repay the money.

You can find out exactly how much your loan will cost by visiting the LendUp website and choosing the options that you prefer. The site will tell you your total cost upfront. Unlike some lenders we don’t require you to provide any personal information before you see how much you’d pay in total. That’s because we believe providing our customers transparency helps them make the best decision for them.

A safe Mississippi online loan application

The LendUp website does everything possible to keep your information secure when you apply for a loan online. Before you borrow money from any Mississippi cash advance lender, look at the upper left corner of your browser's address bar. If you see a green padlock there, then you know that the site encrypts information to make sure no one can steal it.

Don't assume that green padlocks on other parts of the website ensure the same protection. Also, you shouldn't trust a website just because it publishes the word "secure" somewhere on its homepage.

When in doubt, look at the website's address for the letters "https." The "s" stands for secure. Addresses that begin "http" (without the "s") do not use secure encryption methods.

Information needed to apply for our Mississippi online loan

It only takes about five minutes to apply for a Mississippi online loan from LendUp. You can make the process smooth by gathering some basic information before you start the application process. Before you can submit an application, you'll need to provide:

  • A valid email address and phone number
  • Personal information including your address
  • A check account number that accepts electronic transfers
  • Proof that you have a recurring source of income from a job or the government

Unfortunately, you can't borrow from LendUp if you are an active member of the military or the dependent of someone in the military.

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