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Whether you live in rural Crook County or in thriving Portland, there may be times when an unexpected bill leaves you struggling to meet your financial commitments for this month. In these situations, an online loan can help you get back on your feet. All you need to do is apply for a loan using your computer, tablet or mobile phone. If approved you can use the money to deal with your financial situation, and then pay back the loan when you receive your next paycheck. The process is very straightforward, but to protect yourself, it pays to spend a little time choosing the right Oregon direct lender.

## Benefits of an Oregon direct lender

A direct lender is a loan provider that communicates directly with its borrowers. If you’re shopping online you could actually be signing up on a lead generator site that sells your application to the highest bidder. On the other hand, working with an Oregon direct lender has several advantages for you as a customer. First, communication is simpler when you don't have to go through a middleman, which could help to ensure you fully understand the terms before you sign up for a loan. Second, working with a direct lender means your personal information is only shared with a single company. LendUp is an Oregon direct lender that helps people all over the state, from Wallowa County to Salem, to meet their financial commitments when money is tight. We handle your information with great care at every stage of the application and repayment processes, never selling it on to third parties. When you choose LendUp as your provider of Oregon direct loans, you can be sure your data is safe.

Why being an Oregon licensed direct loans lender matters

Licensed Oregon direct lenders, including LendUp, are regulated by the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services. This consumer protection authority only issues licenses to companies that comply with all state and federal regulations regarding the issuing and management of personal loans. In Oregon, when you choose LendUp as your lender, you can be sure we will offer you the highest level of consumer protection, as that's how we protect our Oregon license.

Our Oregon direct loans

If you need more reasons to choose LendUp as your Oregon direct lender, consider this fact: we don't make money by charging fees on ballooning rollovers for our customers who struggle to pay back. Some companies may roll over or refinance your loan if you can't pay it back, which can lead to the amount of debt building up until it becomes unmanageable. We take a different approach. Instead of letting your loan roll over if you can't repay it, we work with you to find a repayment solution that fits your budget. Best of all, there are no fees involved in this process.

As well as shunning debt traps, we also believe that all our customers deserve clear terms that are easy to understand. When you apply for a loan using our quick and easy online process, we'll give you an instant decision and let you know exactly what terms will govern the agreement. We don't want to trick you into paying large fees or surprisingly high interest rates. Instead, we aim to offer a simple, transparent loan agreement so you can decide whether a LendUp loan is right for you.

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