Short-Term Loans Online

Online Short-Term Loans for Emergency Expenses

Short-term loans give you the money you need without impacting your financial environment for years to come. And when you choose, you benefit from highly competitive interest rates, no hidden fees, and clear terms and conditions. is a loan-matching service that brings together borrowers and reputable direct lenders. Our loan requesting services are totally free of charge.

Short-Term Loans is the place to find the lenders for short-term loans online. Consider us your financial fairy godparent — lending without the fuss!

A short-term loan is typically scheduled to be repaid in less than one month, so you can effortlessly get back on the right monetary track.

At you can request two types of short-term loans: payday loans or cash advance and installment loans.

Payday Loans

With a payday loan, you must repay it when your next paycheck comes in (hence the name). They're designed for immediate financial emergencies requiring smaller loan amounts (typically up to $500).

Our customers tend to use them for paying off a surprise utility bill, funding medical expenses, or fixing a roof leak.

Installment Loans

Online lenders usually offer better APRs with installment loans, especially with a somewhat-decent credit score. However, some lenders may apply extra fees and penalties that they become just as costly as payday loans. Thankfully, we're different.

Installment loans are repaid in equal monthly installments which makes it easier to repay if compared to payday loans, but the overall installment loan cost can be higher.

Why Choose for Your Short-Term Loan Needs?

Here at LendUp, we offer short-term loan lenders that offer real, measurable benefits. Don't believe us? Check it out:

Poor Credit? No Problem!

Whether you have outstanding credit history or less-than-stellar (or even no credit), you can still request a short-term loan for your emergency expenses and have a nice chance of getting an approval from one of our selected lenders. We make it possible to get a loan even with bad credit score. Keep in mind, that the lower is your credit, the more expensive the loan will be.

Secure Online Application

We use the latest SSL encryption and cybersecurity protocols to keep your sensitive information safe when applying for a short-term online loan online. Privacy is vital, after all.