“You seem to take the
word loan and change
it to opportunity.”

–Mitchell P. Los Angeles, CA

LendUp offers loans with declining rates, free education, and the opportunity to build credit. Join the thousands of borrowers around the country who are climbing the ladder to financial health.

Why LendUp

LendUp customers earn access to installment loans at rates as low as 29% APR — our loans are designed to help you build credit, not keep you trapped in debt.
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LendUp wants to help borrowers get out of the debt cycle and become more credit-worthy

Our story...

100% dedicated to our customers.

Every year, 14 million people turn to payday loans when they find themselves in need of short-term credit. LendUp is the better alternative. It’s safer, faster, easier, and more affordable. Why? Because we succeed when our customers succeed.

LendUp borrowers can see their rates go down over time:

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is your story

See how LendUp borrowers are succeeding.

Our customers are building their financial futures with LendUp. Hear their stories below!

You guys are absolutely the BEST. Thank you LendUp! I’m seeing the light at the end of the credit score tunnel.

Felicia C., LendUp Customer

This is what customer service is all about... If I can extoll your virtues to the people in charge, pass this along. Not every institution of lending need be so corporate as to forget the human quality.

Mitch, LendUp Customer

This is truly a good honest company that cares about their customers and I could tell that you see us as real people.

Eric B., LendUp Customer

I love your company... Your fees are upfront and reasonable, plus you are easy to get a hold of. You are so transparent. I love it!

Laura V., LendUp Customer

I love that you automatically take the repayment from my bank so I don't have to set any reminders. Thank you.

Tarik K., LendUp Customer

Looking forward to getting my score where it needs to be.

Terrence S., LendUp Customer

Financially this year has been a struggle living paycheck to paycheck, barely making it... You and your team being accommodating with me is a true blessing. I appreciate it so much! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Benjamin W., LendUp Customer

Thank you very much. I can always count on LendUp!!!

Ashley V., LendUp Customer

You have a great program. I have already paid off and stopped using payday loan lenders. Getting back on track.

Charlie B., LendUp Customer

Incredible customer service, thank you so much!

Burnita B., LendUp Customer

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The LendUp Ladder

Build trust. Build status. Build your credit.

The LendUp Ladder is our commitment to our customers. By completing accomplishments such as on-time repayment of LendUp loans, and taking our free credit education courses, LendUp borrowers earn access to more money at lower rates over time.

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The ladder incentive is awesome. It makes me want to pay on time to see the numbers change on my end...

Deborah M., LendUp Customer

How to earn points

Your First LendUp Loan

Welcome to the LendUp Ladder! Earn 125 points when you begin your first loan.

Credit Education

Earn 125 points for each course. The more you learn, the more we loan. Take Education Course »

good standing
Repay Your LendUp Loan

Repay your loan on time for 1000 points. Repay an extended loan for 500 points.

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the Lendup Ladder

Trusted Around the Country

We’re growing.

LendUp is a new way to quickly, easily, and safely borrow. We are online, and available 24/7 in a growing number of states.

Not in your State yet? Don’t worry. We’re working hard to get up and running in more places.

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State Licensed

Why being licensed & direct matters to you:

LendUp is a direct lender, which means there’s no middleman involved, and we don't sell your personal information. State-licensed means you're protected by your states laws and regulations.

Online and Mobile

Online and Mobile, 24/7. Anytime. Anywhere.

LendUp is all online! Get a loan day or night from the convenience of your phone or desktop. No rushing around to find a local branch before closing time. You want business hours? We've got all of 'em.

You seem to take the word loan
and change it to opportunity.

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