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When you need quick money, LendUp is here to help. Of course, you need to know that we're a legitimate lender that will not charge hidden fees or try to keep you in debt to us for years at a time. But how can you be sure of all this, considering that some payday lenders are not so easy to trust? You can always search online reviews from trusted sites about different lenders, including payday lenders. Learn how to find a real lender you can count on, and what puts LendUp in this category. LendUp is not a direct lender in Texas and Ohio, but a Credit Access Bureau as required by law. This means we arrange loans with a separate direct lender.

A real licensed lender

You deserve to know that the payday lender you're getting a loan from is fully licensed to operate in your state. At LendUp, you can rest assured we are licensed to do business in every state where we operate. This means we’re diligent in operating under state and federal laws designed to protect you. What’s more, our mission is to provide you with a path to better financial health. Part of that mission is offering a safe payday loan alternative that does not have rollovers like other traditional payday lenders.

We realize that the application process requires you to send us personal information, which can be stressful. But you can trust that our website has the same level of security as a typical bank does. In addition, we will not share or sell your information to marketers or spammers, so you can fill out the online application with peace of mind.

Why is being a real licensed lender important?

Rest assured, LendUp is a real payday provider with the proper licensing. To see our licenses in various states visit our Rates & Terms.We adhere to federal and state laws when it comes to our payday loan alternative. This is for your protection, which should help you feel a little safer when applying for a payday loan. In fact, we go above and beyond to ensure your protection by working with regulators on the federal and state level, since we care about the security of our customers.

This means you can feel confident that unlike some payday loan lenders, we won't try skirting laws that are in place for your protection when you get a payday loan. Some lenders try to get around the laws by doing business on tribal land or offshore, but at LendUp, we care about your ability to get the loan you need without being taken advantage of through hidden fees or policies that don't benefit you.

Is it safe to apply with this online licensed lender?

If you're still not sure if LendUp is a legitimate payday provider you can count on, you can look further into the issue by first making sure our website is secure before you apply. Simply look for a green padlock in the upper left-hand side of the address bar on your Web browser, just before the website URL. And when you're looking at the URL, make sure it begins with https, not just http. The "s" means "secure sockets layer" and that indicates that the data you enter on the website is encrypted. This should offer some relief during the application process on the site. Our website has both of these traits, so you can rest assured that it's secure. You can read more about what makes us a legitimate payday loan provider by checking out our Privacy & Security page. Once you feel you can trust our site, it's time to take care of your financial needs and apply for a payday loan with LendUp.

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