About LendUp

About LendUp

LendUp was an American online direct lender. It offered payday loans, installment loans, and credit cards to consumers with low credit scores using publicly available data to assess creditworthiness. The company referred to its customers as “the emerging middle class.”

In December 2021, as a result of deceptive marketing and fair lending violations, LendUp was fined $100,000 by The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Additionally, the company was required to stop issuing new loans and stop attempts to collect on certain loans. The action was taken to resolve a September 2021 lawsuit that alleged LendUp practiced illegal and deceptive marketing in violation of the 2016 finding.

LendUp ceased loan operations in January 2022.

LendUp & LendUp.com

As of July 10th 2022, LendUp.com domain and website have no relation to former LendUp, it's executives, DBA's and associated brands and companies.

LendUp.com is not a lender and is not responsible for any debts, data and operations of previous owners.

LendUp.com is an online platform where borrowers can make loan requets and lenders can make loan offers. Our service is free of charge for the borrower.

LendUp Login

If you have an account with LendUp then you will not be able to sign-in with your username and password at LendUP.com anymore. LendUP.com does not have access to any data, including personal data and LendUp login credentials of the former LendUp website.

If you want to take a new loan, then you can do so without registering an account with us, simply complete our online form to get started with your loan request.

LendUp Ladder

LendUp Ladder was in initiative by LendUp trying to incentivize responsible actions and enable borrowers to earn access to apply for larger loans at lower interest rates over time. In states LendUp offered installment loans, borrowers could even earn access to apply for credit-reporting loans.

Over time, the borrower could earn points to climb the LendUp Ladder to apply for larger loans at lower rates. Credit reporting to the major bureaus was offered at the top two levels (optionally at Platinum and automatically at Prime), which could eventually increase borrower's credit score.

LendUP.com does not offer LendUp Ladder and has no relation to it. If you have achieved any progress with LendUp Ladder, then you cannot benefit from it at LendUP.com