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Are you just a few dollars short on your car payment, rent, or electric bill? If you are and you can’t afford to make your payment, your car could get repossessed, your landlord might be filing for eviction, or the power company might be turning off your lights. Even if you can pay most of what you owe, the corporations you pay your bills to often simply don't care unless you can pay in full.

$100-255 Payday Loans from LendUp

When you're dealing with a financial emergency and need quick cash, LendUp might be able to help. LendUp offers $100 to $255 online payday loans to people who have a bill they must pay right away.

Quick Online Application

If your due date is almost here or you have to get to work, you don't have time to wait. LendUp offers a quick online application that takes just minutes to complete. Access it from any phone, tablet, or computer 24/7.

Instant Loan Decision

You also need quick answers. A quick application does no good if you have to wait a week or longer to find out if you're approved. LendUp provides a decision within seconds after you click submit.

Money Available in as Little as One Day

You probably also don't have time to wait to receive your funds. If you did, you'd be able to just pay your bill when you get your next paycheck. If you're approved for a LendUp loan, the money could be in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Flexible Repayment Date

Do you need a payday loan because your next paycheck will come after your bills are due? LendUp lets you pick your repayment date so you can match up your expenses to when you get paid.

Good Credit Not Required to Apply

You do not need to have good credit to apply for a LendUp loan. We understand that what happened in the past doesn't always mean that you can't repay a loan today. With LendUp, the most important thing is that you have an upcoming paycheck or another source of income that you can use to repay your loan. We do not do a hard pull credit check or review your full credit report.

LendUp Is a Direct Lender

Some online "lenders" aren't actually lenders -- they're advertisers. When you apply through their website, your information gets sent to one or more lenders to see if they want to issue a loan. If you're approved, the advertiser gets paid -- often via a hidden fee that you must pay. LendUp is a direct lender (except for Texas, where we are a Credit Access Business, or CAB, as required by law) that handles every step of your loan. You know exactly who you're dealing with and who has your personal information at all times.

No Roll-Overs

If you can't repay your loan on the due date, some lenders will roll it over for you. This might sound like a good thing, but it's not because you're charged a new fee every time.

In just a few weeks, the fees could add up to more than the amount you borrowed. This could drag you down into a debt trap that you won't be able to escape easily. LendUp helps you avoid debt traps by not rolling over your loan.

No Hidden Fees

When you apply for a LendUp loan, you will see exactly what you'll pay before you hit submit. There are no additional late fees other than those you are told about upfront, no additional interest charges, and no other hidden fees that you weren’t told about upfront.

Build Your Credit and Get Better Terms

After your first loan, you may qualify for the LendUp ladder. The LendUp ladder allows you to gain access to loans with better terms when you successfully repay previous LendUp loans. This could be lower fees, higher loan amounts, or both. Some of these loans are also eligible for credit bureau reporting to help you build your credit score.

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LendUp is a socially responsible direct lender dedicated to helping our customers meet their short term needs.

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