LendUP.com Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

This page contains important information concerning our terms and conditions of your usage of the connecting platform lendup.com. We encourage you to read it carefully and revisit this section once in a while because we have the right to modify and update the present Terms as we see fit. We also recommend that you read other sections of our website, such as the Privacy Policy.

Please bear in mind that as soon as you start using lendup.com, you admit that you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and ready to abide by them. If you disagree with these Terms of Use, do not access our website in the first place.

1. Usage Restrictions

Foreigners and minors cannot use our platform and we do not deliberately collect any data from them. To access our website, you must be at least 18 years, have a steady source of income and be a legal resident of the United States.

2. What Services We Provide

The purpose of lendup.com is to give you a quick access to a network of trustworthy lenders. We are not lenders ourselves, we are a free-of-charge platform that allows you to submit a funding request and get connected with a financial provider. We do not lend money, we do not participate in your communication with a lender and we do not represent or promote services of any particular lender. You are under no obligation to use our website, submit your personal details or agree to a loan offer made by a third-party lender.

All the questions regarding your loan approval, agreement, fees, APR and other conditions should be addressed to your lender as we ourselves are not involved in the lending process. We will not be liable for any damages, costs or misunderstanding that may arise from the communication between you and your lender.

When you sign up, you acknowledge that you know our Terms of Use. You are aware that you need to enter some of your personal information to get access to our network of lenders. You understand that we may share this information with them and that they, in their turn, may also use it. Our policy of data management is clearly expressed in the section for Privacy Policy. By using lendup.com, you consent to our Privacy Policy. You also consent to use our website only for its direct purposes and in full accordance with our terms and the US legislation.

Note that some lenders may verify your personal information to see your eligibility. They may address national databases and credit reporting agencies with such requests. Some of these inquiries may affect your credit score.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

Our website, its logo, trademark, software, content and other materials are protected by the US copyright laws. By giving you access to our website we DO NOT delegate our intellectual property rights to you. Any reproduction, sale, copy or other misuse of lendup.com without our written permission is a violation of our rights.

4. Marketing Practices

The page for Marketing Practices explains our views on marketing and its principles. By accessing lendup.com, you confirm that you agree to our practices and that we and our third party partners may reach out to you via contacts you specified.

5. Links Provided by Third Parties

When browsing our website, you may come upon links to third parties’ websites. All these links are given to you only as a reference. You click them on your own will. We do not manage those websites; therefore, we cannot be held accountable for their content, privacy policy, terms and practices as their management is beyond our responsibility and control.

6. Dealing with Third Parties

You communicate and make deals with third parties at your own volition and risk, and we won’t be liable for these dealings and their outcomes.

7. E-Consent

E-Consent is an electronic signature of yours. By clicking links like “Submit”, “I Agree”, “E-Sign”, “Consent”, etc. you give your electronic signature. You also consent that you are able to communicate with us and third parties electronically.

8. Disputes Solving and Class Action Waiver

All disputes that may arise between you and lendup.com shall be resolved through arbitration only. By accessing lendup.com you admit that you agree to solve any dispute through arbitration. You also agree that to waive your rights to represent yourself individually or through legal counsel in court.

9. Indemnification

If you choose to use lendup.com, you confirm that you agree to indemnify lendup.com and its parental company together with any subsidiaries and affiliates. You agree that we won’t be responsible for any damages, costs and misunderstanding that may arise through your use of our website.

10. Violations

If you violate our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate your account without notice and emove any content or materials you submitted to our website.

11. Severability

The provisions stated in the present Terms of Use won’t сease to be in force even if we don’t manage to fulfil one of their provisions. If one or several provisions of the Terms contradict the law, the remaining provisions will still be valid and the contradicting ones will be severed.

12. Modifications and Updates

We encourage you to read this information carefully and revisit this section once in a while as we have the right to modify and update the present Terms as we see fit without prior notice. If some changes or updates take place, we may notify you about them by email or through an announcement posted on our website.

13. How You Can Contact Us

If there is something you would like to discuss with us, please, send us a message at [email protected] .