“You seem to take the word loan and change it to opportunity.”

—Mitchell P., Los Angeles, CA

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

When you need money fast, LendUp offers an easy, safe, and trusted way to get it.

Moving up the LendUp Ladder means earning access to more money, at better rates, for longer periods of time.

You can move up the Ladder by repaying your loans on time, and we make that as easy as possible. You get a personal dashboard, email and text reminders, and unlimited support from our friendly customer service team. The LendUp Ladder availability varies by state.

“I can tell this is a different type of service, one that actually cares about its customers. The website is easy to use and you are honest with your product, which is really refreshing, considering most lenders in this industry are just out to get you.”
“I really like how your social mission is part of your product. I believe you are trying to help me and address a bigger problem which gives your business so much more integrity than your competitors.”
“You know, it's so hard in this day and age being poor, I feel like people don't treat you with any respect. However, at LendUp, you treat everyone equally and it really makes me feel hopeful about my future.”

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  • Set your loan details with the sliders above and complete the online application. It takes as few 5 minutes.
  • You will know instantly whether you are approved. We are a direct lender so there is no wait for an answer.
  • Your money is deposited right into your bank account. We automatically withdraw your loan amount & fees from the same account with no hassle and no late fees.

The LendUp Difference

Instant decision

Our application takes as few as 5 minutes and you'll find out right away whether you're approved.


No hidden fees

Our terms and conditions are clear and transparent. We want you to be informed, not confused.


No rollovers

If you get in trouble, we work with you. There's no way to become trapped in a cycle of debt.


Direct lender

You're borrowing directly from LendUp, a licensed direct lender, not an anonymous middleman.

Personal dashboard

Sign in anytime to check your loan status, extend your loan, or pay with your debit card.


Top-notch customer service

Our California-based team is here to help on the phone or via email, in both English and Español.


Learn about credit

We want to inspire financial know-how. Our built-in education courses are simple and fun.

The LendUp Ladder

There are many ways, from paying on time to taking our free education courses, to earn points on the LendUp Ladder.


Opportunity to build credit (where available)

Responsible borrowers can eventually earn access to credit-building loans, where available.

The LendUp Ladder

The LendUp Ladder reflects our commitment to fix what we think is broken about payday lending. As you climb, you earn access to more money at better rates for longer periods of time, and, at Platinum and Prime levels (where available), you have the opportunity to report payments to credit bureaus which can increase your credit score.

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The LendUp Team

We are a group of engineers, designers, Ph.Ds, and community developers who couldn't sit by and wait for a solution to the small-dollar credit problem that was only getting worse.

We come from technology, non-profit, financial services, and academic backgrounds, and we are dedicated to providing the best, safest, easiest way to get money when you need it.