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When you have a bill due now that can only be paid by cash or certified funds, but you don’t have enough money on-hand, what can you do?

If going delinquent or into collections could mean big late fees or worse, an instant cash loan might help you get the money you need at a cost that’s far lower than not paying the bill.

What is an Instant Cash Loan?

If you need instant cash, you have a few options to get it.

Short-Term Loans

Short-term loans work similar to traditional loans like auto loans, with a few potential differences.

  • The repayment period for a short-term loan is usually measured in months not years.
  • Short-term loans are typically unsecured loans. Unsecured means you don't lose your car or other property if you don't pay. In exchange for this, short-term loan interest rates are often much higher than a secured loan.
  • Short-term loans may have an origination fee that's a flat rate or equal to a certain percent of the loan amount. This fee is added to what you owe as soon as you take out the loan or immediately deducted from the amount of money given to you at the beginning of the loan. Unlike interest, you can't lower this fee by paying the loan sooner.
  • Depending on the lender, there might be a hard credit check that may affect your credit score.

Cash Advance

A cash advance is a loan taken against an existing credit card or other line of credit. You can use your credit card to withdraw cash at an ATM or to send it to your bank account.

There are three costs tied to a cash advance.

  • Interest rates are usually very high. Your rate for cash advances is often higher than your rate for purchases on the same card.
  • Interest starts accruing when you take out a cash advance. There is no interest-free grace period like there often is for purchases.
  • Many credit card companies add a 1-5% fee for taking out a cash advance on top of the interest charges.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are loans that are due in full within a few weeks. The idea is that you pay the loan back on your next payday. These loans usually have a fixed loan fee rather than interest charges based on your balance.

The cost is typically higher than other loan options, but it may be far less than missing a bill payment or not being able to fix your car in order to get to work.

The benefit to payday loans over other types of loans is that payday loans are often the easiest and fastest way to get instant cash.

Why Apply for an Instant Cash Loan?

When you don't have time to wait, an instant cash loan may be the answer you need.

  • You can apply within minutes 24/7 if you apply online.
  • There is generally not a credit check or credit inquiry that affects your credit score.
  • You do not need good credit to be approved.
  • You will receive an instant decision.
  • Once you're approved, the money is transferred to your bank account as soon as the next day.

Getting Instant Cash from LendUp

You can apply for an instant cash loan from LendUp at any time. Simply enter your desired loan amount, the date you want to repay it, and view your finance charge before you even enter your personal information.

We offer a variety of loan amounts, have transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and no debt traps. Ever. We also provide free financial education courses to help you navigate credit scores, borrowing, and better budgeting.

Our instant cash loans provide an instant decision with no hard credit check. If you're approved, you can receive your cash as soon as the next business day depending on your bank and the day of the week.

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