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Here’s how the LendUp Ladder
works in California

Over time, you can earn points to climb the LendUp Ladder to apply for larger loans at lower rates. Credit reporting to the major bureaus is offered at Platinum (the top level), which could eventually increase your credit score. Earning points is as simple as making on-time loan payments and taking our free financial education courses.

To further our mission, we may tailor your particular Ladder path in a way that maximizes your success. For example, we want to keep you out of debt traps, and one of the ways we do that is by taking steps to ensure that you can make your payments on time — something that’s especially important if you have one of our credit-reporting loans. In addition, we only offer loans that comply with the laws in your state. This means some levels of the Ladder (as well as some loan types and amounts) might not be available on your particular Ladder.

Occasionally, we may reevaluate the way our borrowers climb the Ladder and make changes as a result. These changes might include the amount of money available to borrow at any level, eligibility requirements to take out a particular type of loan, or anything else we think will make our customers’ path to better financial health easier and more direct.

You’ll always be able to find the most current information about Ladder offerings available to you by signing in to your personal dashboard.

How points work

There are a variety of ways to earn points to climb the LendUp Ladder. While the simplest is to repay your loans on time, you can also earn points by taking our free education courses — a series of short, animated videos about credit, saving and more, all designed to boost your financial knowledge. And if you love LendUp, you can even earn points by submitting a testimonial video.

Ways to earn points

Your First LendUp Loan

Welcome to the LendUp Ladder! Earn points when you begin your first loan.

good standing
Repay Your LendUp Loan

Paying back your LendUp Loans on time and in full is the simplest way to earn points.

Education Courses

Earn points for completing each of our free education courses.

Education Bonus

Complete your first six courses and receive a point bonus.

Share Your Story
Share Your Story

Every LendUp customer has a story. Share yours to earn points.

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