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When your expenses are close to the amount of money you make each month, getting ahead on your finances can be a challenge.

You could be one emergency or one paycheck shortfall away from not being able to cover your rent or car payment.

The worst part is that when you realize you need money, you might not have time to explore all of your options.

Finding a side job, picking up extra hours, and other options that take more than a few days may not help when the rent is due.

If you’re finding yourself in a situation where you have to ask “Where can I find cash advance loans near me?", getting a cash advance loan online is a convenient option.

What is a cash advance?

A cash advance is money that you can draw off of your credit card or line of credit for a fee.

Depending on your credit card company, you may have received a PIN number when you received your card specifically for this purpose.

To get a cash advance, you go to an ATM, insert your credit card, enter your PIN, and take out money. You’ll be charged a fee and a special interest rate for the money you take out.

The interest rate on a cash advance is usually a lot higher than the interest you’re charged on standard credit card purchases and the amount of money you can withdraw is capped by your credit limit.

If you are maxed out, getting a cash advance will not be an option.

Why would someone need a cash advance?

When you need cash fast and have a credit card or line of credit with an available balance, cash advances are one potential solution.

For instance, if your car breaks down, you might need to have it towed and repaired in a situation where the towing company or mechanic only accept cash.

Any urgent situation requiring cash in between paydays could be enough of a reason for taking a cash advance, even if the cost of that advance is very high.

In the event that you need to consider a cash advance, keep in mind that it should primarily be a solution only when you need cash immediately and you are comfortable with the high cost.

Cash advance loans

When people talk about “cash advances”, they are most often talking about cash advances on a credit card, but there is another type of cash advance that doesn’t involve a credit card - a cash advance loan.

Often referred to as a payday loan, this loan type involves borrowing a relatively small amount of money for a short period of time in exchange for a fee.

Because the fees are typically high, payday loans are intended to provide access to money for emergency expenses in between paychecks.

The loan lengths are usually short, with the total amount borrowed plus the fee repaid within 2 to 4 weeks.

It’s important to be careful when considering a payday loan, however, as many lenders intentionally offer more money than needed at very high rates, knowing that when the loan comes due they can charge a fee to “roll over” the due amount and give additional time to pay it back.

While these “rollovers” often sound great at the time, the fees add up quickly and many borrowers get stuck in a debt trap.

Where to find cash advance loans near me?

If you are you’re looking for an answer to the question “Where can I find cash advance loans near me?”, LendUp provides an alternative to the traditional payday loan. The application is online, fast and easy.

Good credit is not required and, if approved, money could be in your bank account in as little as one business day (it might take a little longer if you apply on a weekend or holiday).

Plus, unlike traditional payday lenders, there are no hidden fees or debt traps. Ever.

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