One-Hour Payday Loans: No Hard Credit Checks from Direct Lenders

In a crisis, borrowers can become concerned with how to get the money they need quickly. If you are in need of a fast loan, you may be wondering, what are one hour payday loans without hard credit checks?

A one-hour payday loan is a short-term loan of money meant for emergencies, to be repaid when the borrower's next paycheck comes. A payday loan without hard credit checks means that the borrower's credit score will not be taken into account by the lender.

If an emergency calls for money fast, the best thing to do is apply for a payday loan from a direct lender online. Let's go over the details a potential borrower may need to know before applying for a one hour payday loan.

What is a Direct Lender?

Direct lenders are very similar to brokers in that they make loans to borrowers without using an intermediary, like an investment bank. It is important to be aware of a direct lender's rates and their loan terms before deciding to put your trust in them.

Direct lenders of payday loans are notorious for charging high interest rates and steep fees, especially when compared to a regular bank. Still, if a borrower is in a desperate situation, instant cash can be what they need to bounce back and resolve the problem. In this case, turning to a direct lender is not a bad idea.

How Fast do One-Hour Payday Loans Get Wired?

Although they are called one hour payday loans, the truth is that the cash does not actually come within an hour. However, the one hour payday loan does typically get approved and are available to the borrower as soon as the next twenty-four hours after applying during business days.

Applying for a loan online is the quickest way to ensure that a one hour payday loan is looked over by the lender, approved, and sent to the borrower.

Can Someone With Bad Credit Get a One-Hour Payday Loan?

Someone with a poor credit score absolutely can still receive a one-hour payday loan. If the direct lender is committed to refraining from a hard credit check, they are not basing approval of a loan upon a bad credit score.

Some direct lenders still perform a soft credit check, but this is not as rigorous as a standard bank might perform before awarding a loan.

Most lenders offering a one-hour payday loan understand that those who are looking to borrow are doing so because they do not have good credit in the first place.

While this does not mean that a good credit score won't help your chances in applying for the loan, it does mean that a bad credit score will not be the primary reason an application is considered.

What is Required to Apply For a One-Hour Payday Loan?

Though we understand you are dealing with a need for money in an emergency, there are still a few requirements when applying for a one-hour payday loan, such as:

  • Provide the necessary documentation such as identification and proof of income.
  • The applicant must be eighteen years of age to be approved for the loan.
  • A consistent income is required in order to assure repayment.
  • The applicant must have an active checking account.
Be sure to have all of the necessary requirements in order to make your application process as smooth as possible, so we can help you get the money you need!

What Are the Fees for Applying For a One-Hour Payday Loan?

The procedure for getting access to cash through a one-hour payaday loan is meant to be streamlined. This means that there are fees involved, but they are smaller.

The loan itself will also be on the smaller side, usually between $100 and a $1000 dollars. It is still a good idea to explain your circumstances to payday lenders, as they may not be opposed to accepting a larger amount of money request.

If you are in an emergency and you need access to cash fast, we can make sure you get the help you need. Applying online for a one-hour payday loan is easy and efficient, and your credit score won't be standing in your way!