One Hour Payday Loans

What are 1-Hour Payday Loans?

When you need cash right now and have a less-than-stellar credit history, you’re probably looking for something different than a traditional bank loan where it could take days or weeks to receive the money - and that’s if you get approved. Instead, you may be looking for something more like a 1-hour payday loan.

What a 1-hour payday loan means can vary a lot based on the lender. In the case of online lenders, a 1-hour payday loan typically means that you apply and get a loan decision in less than 1-hour and then money can be deposited in your bank account as soon as the next day.

It can be a fast and easy process when you need a little extra money and don’t have a perfect credit history.

When a 1-Hour Payday Loan Makes Sense

Payday loans are there to help you solve short-term emergencies. Maybe your hours got cut at work, you lost your job, too many expenses piled up at once, or you just need a little extra money to tide you over to your next paycheck.

In other cases, you might need to pay for a car repair in order for you to get to work, make a rent payment to avoid eviction or a utility payment to keep the lights on. While payday loans are expensive loans, they can make perfect sense when you compare the cost of the payday loan to losing your job, getting evicted, or even bigger late fees.

Other types of loans are likely cheaper, but traditional loans typically are slower to put money in your account and most require good credit. If you need money tomorrow, you may not have the luxury of applying for a traditional bank loan that may or may not approve you or waiting the time it will take to get the money.

1-hour payday loans are real options for borrowers with low income or bad credit who need help right now. If you have an emergency that needs to be taken care of immediately, a payday loan can be a quick solution that is well worth the price.

1-Hour Payday Loans from LendUp

When you need fast cash, LendUp makes applying for a payday loan easy. You can complete the process in minutes.

LendUp offers an easy online application. You can enter the amount you need and the date you want to repay it. There are no hidden fees or debt traps - you'll be able to see the finance charge before you even enter your personal information.

If you like the terms you see, you'll just need to enter a little basic information. You'll get an instant decision, and if you're approved, money could be in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

LendUp offers 24/7 access to 1-hour payday loans online from any computer, tablet, or phone. And, LendUp loans are better than a traditional payday loan - when customers pay loans off on time, LendUp offers access to higher loan amounts, lower interest rates, and credit building products over time on the LendUp ladder (where available).

No Hard Credit Check Payday Loans

When you apply for a LendUp payday loan, it will not affect your FICO® score and will not register a hard credit check with the three primary credit bureaus.

No hard credit check means that we don't request your full credit report from the three primary credit bureaus and we don't report that you've applied for a loan back to those bureaus.

While other lenders might request your full credit report from a primary bureau, which can make your credit score go down, our application process only considers data for payday loans that won’t affect your FICO® score.

Payday Loans from a Direct Lender

LendUp is a direct lender - not a lead or data aggregator. When you apply for a loan with us, we're the ones who make the decision and send you the money if you're approved.

Other online payday loan websites collect your personal information and sell it to many different lenders. Instead of applying for a loan, you're actually signing up to receive advertising.

This could result in tons of emails or phone calls, and you may not know exactly who has your personal information. We don’t sell your application data to others. When you apply for one of our loans, you're dealing directly with us.

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