Finding an Online Payday Loan with a Direct Lender

When you need money fast, your best bet is to go straight to the source, and that means using an online payday loans direct lender. But what is that, and how does it differ from other types of lenders of payday loans? As you explore this option, you'll find a few advantages that you'll enjoy if you get approved for a payday loan online. So before you apply for a loan of this kind, check out the information you need to have when you want to get fast cash via a payday loan.

What Is a Direct Lender?

An online payday loans direct lender is directly in charge of lending you the money you need until payday. This means you do not have to go through multiple companies to get a short-term loan. Instead, a payday loans direct lender takes over all the parts of the lending process, from borrower approval to the funding of the loan, and finally repayment of that loan.

This is in contrast to some other companies that involve a few other entities in the lending process. For example, you might apply with one company, and once they have analyzed your application, they send your information to another company to actually get you the funds. By the time you get your loan - and especially by the time you're ready to pay it back - you might have dealt with a few companies rather than just one direct lender. This often means getting phone calls and emails from several companies, even after your loan has been funded and you no longer need help from lenders.

What are the advantages of a direct lender?

One of the main reasons many people prefer to get a direct lender payday loan is so they only have to deal with a single company from start to finish. Not only is this less confusing than working with multiple companies, but it also ensures that your lender does not sell your information to a third party. If you want to reduce the number of companies that have your personal information - and may attempt to contact you as a result - getting a direct lender payday loan is the right choice. This is especially important considering the sensitive nature of information like your contact and bank account details.

Another benefit of going through an online payday loans direct lender is that you can usually get lower rates without having to wait extra time for approval. When you don't go directly through a lender, it can take days to find out what rate you will get. If you are unhappy with the interest rate and any other fees associated with your payday loan, you'll have to decide if you want to accept them anyway and get the cash sooner, or spend more time looking for a better rate.

Is LendUp a direct payday loan lender?

With LendUp, you won't have the possible issues associated with using multiple companies for a payday loan. That's because we are an online payday loans direct lender in every state that permits it. Unless you’re a borrower in Ohio or Texas where we arrange loans that are funded by a separate direct lender. Once you apply for a loan with us, you will only be in contact with our team, not others. We won't give your sensitive information to another company, nor will we make you wait days to find out if you are approved for a payday loan. In fact, the whole application process usually only takes five minutes online from your smartphone or computer, and you can typically find out instantly if you are approved for the loan.

So if you need money fast, obtaining a direct lender payday loan may be the best route to take. You can apply through LendUp and feel confident that you'll have a good chance of getting the money you need without your personal information being sold to third parties during the lending process. Apply today on our site to see how simple getting a direct lender payday loan can be.

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