No Credit Loans

How to Find a Loan With No Credit

For people who don't have a history of good credit, it can be next to impossible to find a loan when you need it. Without that history, many banks and loan companies have no way to be sure you'll pay back a loan if they offer it to you. So what can you do to get a loan in this situation?

No credit loans can help. Places like can help get you loans from lenders that do not make hard checks on your credit, which gets you the money you need and gives you the opportunity to build your credit history for the future.

Loans With No Hard Credit Check

If you don't have any credit history yet – or if you have a bad credit score – it can be very difficult to find somewhere to borrow money from. Most places want to see that you have a track record of paying back your obligations, so they know you won't default.

Withour that track record, most places will refuse to lend you money – or if they do offer you a loan, it will likely have unreasonably high interest rates, or they'll require you to put something up as collateral.

Also, if you have bad credit, applying for traditional loans will result in a hard credit check. This puts an inquiry on your credit report, which brings your credit score down and stays on your report for two years. A no hard credit check loan seems to be the best option in this case as well.

The Advantage of No Credit Loans With is not a lender, but is a platform that allows to ping your loan request to a number of selected direct lenders. Using has many advantages over other similar lending companies, such as:

  • Transparency – offers clear terms and conditions, to make sure borrowers fully understand the terms of the service they are using.
  • Convenience – no need to go out and spend valuable gas money to find a loan company that works for you – with, you can apply and get your decision from the comfort of your own home, on any mobile or desktop device.
  • Instant Decision – offers an instant decision on your loan approval, with no annoying wait times or delays.

No Credit is Not a Problem with

If you're looking for a loan but don't have a credit history, you can't go wrong with Low rates, convenience, transparency, and security make an excellent choice for no credit loans.

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