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Borrowers of all financial backgrounds, including those who don't have good credit, have more options than ever when it comes to choosing short-term loans. LendUp, a direct payday lender based in California, offers qualified applicants a better alternative to traditional payday loans. LendUp Loans are designed to provide you with money when you need it, yet also to guide you along a path toward financial health.

At LendUp, our philosophy is that we only succeed when our customers succeed. Our goal is to improve the lives of our customers, ensure satisfaction throughout the quick and easy application and approval process and provide you with tools to help you get out of the debt trap. As a state-licensed California direct payday lender, our online cash loans are designed to help you out in the short term, but our services and commitment to our customers bolsters your financial goals for the long term.

How are we different from other California direct payday lenders?

LendUp's innovative approach to payday loan alternatives is different from that of any other direct payday lender in California for two important reasons. First, our online payday loans are designed to be safe, speedy and transparent - not to trap you into debt. The terms are clear and we don’t charge rollover feeds. Second, we offer long-term benefits to our borrowers that surpass traditional payday lenders.. It all comes back to our firm belief that your success is our success.

From the moment you visit our website, you’ll see the difference in what LendUp offers compared to what a direct payday lender in California offers. You’ll see that we make your financial success a top priority. You can apply for a LendUp loan online through your computer or smartphone the application process is designed to be easy, quick and convenient. And you won’t have to wait in traffic, or leave your home or work like you would when applying for a traditional California payday lender. We offer free financial courses to all of our customers, through which we hope to inspire you to learn about credit reports, credit scores, the fundamentals of saving and other important financial topics. And most notable of all is our LendUp Ladder. What Is the LendUp Ladder?

We designed the LendUp Ladder to help our borrowers achieve financial security on a long-term basis. The way it works is simple yet effective: make your loan payments on time, earn points and move up the Ladder. As you ascend the Ladder over time, you may eventually be able to access to more money, at lower rates and with longer repayment periods. In addition to demonstrating responsible borrowing habits, other ways to climb include completing our free financial educational courses. As you climb the Ladder, your pattern of on-time payments might be reported to the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Making payments on time is one of the most important factors in determining your credit score so you could even see an improvement in your FICO score . Once you’re on the ladder, the only way is up!

Getting a payday loan a California direct lender - How long does it take?

For California residents, you can apply for a short-term payday loan alternative through LendUp in as little as five minutes through our quick and simple online application. If we receive your application before 5 p.m. PT on a weekday, you can expect the money to be deposited into your bank account by the end of the following business day. Apply on a Tuesday at 4 p.m. for example, and you see funds in your account by Wednesday at 5 p.m. (Actual time varies according to your bank's rules and regulations.) California residents can apply for a LendUp Loan at any time of the day or night, on any day of the week, using a computer or smartphone. Good credit is not required, but you do need to have the following: a valid checking account that accepts ACH debit and credit transactions; a valid phone number, email account and home address; and proof of a recurring source of income e.g. regular paychecks, or state or government benefits. You must also be at least 18 years of age.

Why does being a California direct payday lender matter?

LendUp is based in San Francisco, and are licensed to operate in California. And as a direct lender in California, there is no anonymous middleman between LendUp and its customers. What does this all mean for you? As a California resident, you are fully protected by our state's stringent laws and regulations. Among other things, LendUp doesn't sell your information, we have no hidden fees and the terms and conditions of our payday loan alternatives are made clear to you during every stage of the application, approval, disbursement and repayment process. Add to this our commitment to your satisfaction and our free tools to guide your long-term financial success, and it's clear that LendUp is a direct payday lender in California that operates like no other.

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