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Alabama ranks 46th in the United States in average credit score, according to Equifax, and, every week, thousands of families struggle to find the cash to cover a shortfall in funds or a financial emergency. Short term credit options, like payday loans, provide consumers in the "Heart of Dixie" with speedy access to the money they need for living expenses, an unexpected bill or emergency. Approval for a short-term loan is based on a number of factors, so you won’t be automatically turned away for having bad credit. Whether you live in Montgomery, Mobile or Madison, you could obtain finance with a competitive rate of interest and have funds transferred to your account quickly.

Why Do Consumers Use Payday Loans in Alabama?

More than 46,000 payday loans are taken out in Alabama every week, according to the Alabama State Banking Department. This type of credit serves various purposes. Some people use the money to cover an unexpected expense or bridge the gap between a shortfall in funds and their next payday. However, these loans should only be used by people who can afford to pay them back.

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Why Should You Try an Alternative to Alabama Payday Advance Loans?

Some payday loan lenders can take weeks to approve your application. With LendUp, you can apply for a short term loan in as little as five minutes, and you'll be told whether your application is approved right away. That means no more waiting around to receive a decision. Securing a payday loan alternative with LendUp is simple. You'll be asked to provide a few personal details -- your name, address, a current telephone number, a valid email address and your employment information -- online when you make your application. Everything is done online, so you can apply from your smart phone anywhere, or from your home.

How Do Payday Advance Loans in Alabama Differ?

Some lenders in Alabama sell your information to third parties. LendUp is a direct lender, which means your data won't be shared with anyone else. We only operate in states where we have a license, like Alabama. This means we adhere to the rules set out by local state and federal government designed to protect you. The result? You can be assured any personal information you give us is kept safe and secure. We're also transparent about our fees, and you'll know what to expect from the first moment you visit our page. Once you've been accepted for a LendUp loan, we'll send information to your email address with the date you need to repay your loan. We'll even send an email and text reminder nearer the date so you have enough time to budget effectively and control your finances.

Who Can Apply for Short Term Loans in Alabama?

To apply for one of our cash advance loans, you'll need to be at least 18 years old and have a checking account that accepts electronic payments. In some cases, you might be asked to provide some additional documentation to help us review your application, such as proof of your income. We'll tell you what you need to provide if we need it. You can always check the status of your loan application online, too. Just log in to to find a customized dashboard with a wealth of helpful information.

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